Code of Conduct

Academy athletes are expected to exhibit:

  1. Respect towards themselves, parents, coaches, fellow students, training partners, opponents, opponents’ coaches, other higher- and lower-ranking athletes, and referees;
  2. Self-control at all times so as to foster (1) a warm and safe training environment and (2) an honorable Academy culture;
  3. Cooperation during instruction and training in order to ensure that all participants grow in knowledge and experience;
  4. Humility during training and tournaments, as evidenced by treating both victories and defeats with graciousness and equanimity;
  5. Commitment to coaches and teammates, made manifest by a willingness to work hard toward the greater ends of personal development and team cohesion;
  6. Patience along the life-long journey toward self-mastery and jiu-jitsu excellence.

Academy Rules

Academy athletes are expected:

  1. to wear a clean gi when on the mat;
  2. to maintain the highest standards of personal hygiene;
  3. to remove all jewelry, piercings, and other related items prior to training;
  4. to trim fingernails and toenails prior to training;
  5. to wear shoes or sandals when off the mat;
  6. to refrain from bringing shoes, food, drink, and devices onto the mat;
  7. to refrain from using foul language at the Academy or during tournaments;
  8. to be punctual, and if late, to wait off the mat until a coach grants permission to join the class;
  9. to remain on the mat during class unless explicitly excused by a coach;
  10. to maintain a respectful posture when a coach is demonstrating techniques;
  11. to minimize talking that is unrelated to BJJ training;
  12. to wear well-fitting mouthguards when sparring.